Sarah Pena
Dutch Data Design is run by Mirjam Leunissen, that works as a freelance and fulltime as Data Visualization at Volkskrant a Dutch newspaper well known in Holland.  Dutch Data Design website is outdated, has been built in 2014, I have been asked to ReDesign the website.

How to redesign the website, that will be attack eventually new clients, attention to her type of work and people cloud get in contact with her to speak in conferences or seminaries.

Dealing with UX fundaments
Create a solution that will be not that difficult to implement and maintain
Create a solution that will work with CSM

Pain Points
Unclear Interaction, no visual guide
Lack of information in the interface


A user should have an Interaction more clear and transparent
A user should feel the pleasure of being on the website 
A user should be able easy to contact Dutch Data Design
The website should have a clear indication of social media
The  website should be visually appealing

Dutch Data Design has a new website, created by CMVision, the website works with CMS and has been created using Webflow